Joca Revestimentos is a company founded in 1986,
based in Barcelos.

Headquartered in Barcelos, the Joca Revestimentos company has more than 20 years of experience in construction / decoration. The increase in this experience has been promoting the company both in the domestic market or the international market, which have carried out high-level works.

The wide range of services and products that we have allows us to work with construction companies, individuals, real estate, management of condominiums, etc.

We have a high quality working group, endowed with a great experience, which is reflected in the quality of many projects already carried out. A partnership with our company guarantees:

✓ Support and technical advice before and nodecorrer the work.

✓ Wide range of solutions tailored to the needs and tastes of our customers.

✓ Experience of qualified professionals, to address the various problems and questions of our customers.

✓ We perform all painting, coating and decoration with high quality products and recognized brands in the market.

✓ Supervision during and at the end of the work by qualified personnel.

✓ Issuance of work performed warranty certificate.